10 Days Siberut Nature, Mentawai Island

Departure to Siberut every Thursday and back to Padang every Friday with Mentawai Express

This is a challenging trek that will take you far from the tourist trail, into the heart of the Mentawai Islands . Deep within their jungles indigenous people live close to nature. A people in transition, these uncomplicated rainforest dwellers are struggling to maintain their traditional lifestyle against the paradoxes of modernization. This trek is only recommended if you are prepared to accept very basic and often uncomfortable conditions.

Day 1 The voyage (LD)

Arriving in Padang , you will meet your local trekking crew who will inform you of the current island conditions. The Mentawai Islands are in Indian Ocean , approximately 100km to the west of Padang . Now the island is also a paradise for surfers. Your journey begins with a morning crossing to Siberut the largest island in the chain. Overnight stay at local simple guest house in Muara Siberut.

Day 2 – 3 Siberut Trek (BLD)

You will arrive in the early hours of the morning at Siberut port, from here you commence your trek into the islands interior. A moderate level of fitness is required as the trekking can be demanding, balancing on slippery logs along muddy tracks in the tropical humidity. You will however be rewarded with stunning views and beautiful jungles abounding with unique plant and wildlife. The real highlight of your journey though, is the chance to meet the people of Siberut, traditionally hunter, gatherer clans who are now coming into contact with the modern world. You will stay as guests of a local Kerei (medicine –man) in the Uma (traditional family house). Here, where conditions are basic, you will gain a unique insight into the lives of these people who maintain a belief system based on living in total harmony with nature.

Day 4 – 7 Masilok Beach…beach…beach.. (BLD)

Trekking to the south of the island you will discover idyllic unspoiled white sandy beaches: perfect for swimming, snorkeling and beach combing. Today you will stay at a local simple guest house at Masilok Beach .

Day 8 Back to Muara Siberut (BLD)

After breakfast you will take a motorized canoe back to Muara Siberut. Overnight stay there.

Day 9 Back to Padang (BD)

Your voyage to Padang will take 3.5 hours to Padang . Here you can enjoy a much appreciated hot shower in the air conditioned comfort of your hotel, take the time to contemplate the complexities as well as differences of this world. In the evening you will be joined by the team including your guide and tour leader for a farewell dinner.

Day 10 End of the tour (B)

Free for your own before transfer to airport for your next destination.

Guide price USD.920 per person minimum 02 persons

The price is inclusive of :

Accommodation Local guest house, Uma ( traditional family house) and Sedona Bumi Minang hotel (twin sharing)

Meals, while in the city or major town you will eat at good quality restaurant or hotel and while trekking our guide will prepare simple but satisfying meals. Please inform us if you have any special dietary or vegetarian requirements at the time of booking ,Tea and coffee and English speaking guide and porters. All transfers.

NOTE : For more comfortable trip we use an express ferry that takes only 3.5 hours. But incase of the weekly schedule changed or cancelled we will take the wooden ferry and have an overnight trip to Siberut. The public ferry is avavailable on request at different days each week for a shorter stay if time is a consideration.

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